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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

Active Forum


The Student Active Forum focus on the promotion of two priorities:

· Raising participation of young people in sport, fitness and exercise
· Promoting healthier, active lifestyles.

Essentially, we want all our students and stakeholders to be more physically active; enjoying the benefits that exercise has on our physical, emotional and social health well-being.

Making sport and fitness more fun, accessible and rewarding whilst making people aware of the holistic benefits will helps to raise participation and improve lives.

As such, the Student Active Forum focus on issues such as:

· Access to sport
· Physical Activity
· Extra-curricular opportunities
· Health-related Fitness
· Active Lifestyles
· Raising participation in Sports and Exercise

All students are welcome to join the Active Forum and attend any Forum meeting.

For more information, students can speak to Mrs Ashman or Mr Maidment.