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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

Parents & Carers

At the heart of all that we do is the relationship between ourselves, students and their families. Please explore the links to find content relevant to Parents and Carers.

If the information you require is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us via our main reception.

Our partnership with parents and carers helps to steer our school improvement and we regularly consult with parents and carers to gain feedback, insight and suggestions to help our continual drive to maintain excellence.

To get involved and have your say, there are many avenues:

  • Contact your child's teachers, Head of Year or Progress Leader
  • Attend Consultation Evenings and discuss any concerns with your child's Tutor or Teacher
  • Attend Consultation Evenings and discuss any concerns with a member of our Senior Leadership 
  • Contribute to our Autumn Survey 
  • Join our Parent Carer Forum 

Ofsted (December, 2018)

  • Parents, staff and pupils are unanimous in their praise for the excellent pastoral care provided to pupils, which includes a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Parents agree that the school is a safe place for their children.
  • Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and regular reviews ensure that pupils continue to follow the best possible pathways for them.

Our Parent Carer Forum meet once a half term to help to steer school improvement priorities; provide constructive feedback on communication and procedures and to offer schools leadership suggestions and ideas on any aspect of school life,



Issues explored at the Parent Forum in 2018/19

Joint solutions actions in 2018/19

Website design 

New website developed and launched

Canteen queues 

New queueing system splits key stages 

Report cards 'Red, Amber, Green' (RAG) indicators did not reflect student attitude to learning and effort

Reports now RAG students' attitude to learning to recognise effort and improve student engagement

Raising the profile of Parent-School engagement

Renewed bid for Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) in 2019.

Consistency of Homework setting and parents/carer support for their child's learning

New homework strategy is due to be implemented from September

Issues explored at the Parent Forum in 2019/20

Joint solutions actions in 2019/20

Consultation on new Relationships & Sex Education curriculum

Year Group priorities identified to support the sequence of topics to be delivered

Consultations on lockdown and support for student well-being for remote learning

Arrangements and sources for support established

Issues explored at the Parent Forum in 2020/21

Joint solutions actions in 2020/21

Autumn and Spring Term consultations on Remote Learning

Introduced session on well-being, mindfulness, off-screen sessions. Mid-day breaks from work

Communication channels

Relaunch of weekly Branch newsletters

Equality & Diversity within the curriculum

Woodrush are now a Stonewall Champion School

Please find below the dates for this year's Parent Forums. 

All parents and carers are welcome. Each Forum start at 4.15pm, typically running until 5.00pm, and are located in the Community HUB Conference Room or are held virtually via Zoom.


  • Wednesday 25th October 2023 - Zoom meeting 
  • Tuesday 14th November 2023
  • Tuesday 16th January 2024
  • Tuesday 27th February 2024
  • Tuesday 16th April 2024
  • Tuesday 4th June 2024

Aside from our main school means of contacts, there are two ways to contribute to our Forum consultations.

You can email us to join our mailing list at 

To give us feedback, suggestions or ideas for improvement, please click on the following link.

Parent Carer Feedback Form