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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

Sixth Form

Welcome to Woodrush

Welcome and thank you for considering Woodrush Sixth,

Woodrush Sixth is proud to be more than just an education provider; it is a place for passionate teaching, ambitious study, enriching experiences and a unique sense of community.

Decisions you make between 16 and 19 are some of the most exciting you will make in your life and Woodrush Sixth can provide you with unique opportunities that distinguish you from all others. No two students at Woodrush Sixth are the same. Personalisation is central to our approach: from our intimate tutor support, pastoral support, bespoke timetables, careers advice and personal development programmes. 

Woodrush Sixth is about a passion for learning, pursuit of teaching excellence, motivating academic support and a relentless commitment to maintaining the highest belief in your own ability to achieve outstanding results. 

Woodrush teachers will ensure high-quality lessons and seminars, an illuminating curriculum and extra-curricular experiences that will blend high challenge with the forging of life skills, developing character and personal resilience; all of which will prepare you for your next steps into your future.
Students who join Woodrush Sixth are treated as mature members of our community, with many freedoms and privileges that young adults have more than earned. Relationships shift to a learning partnership with your tutors, specialist teachers, and vitally, your fellow students.

We orientate our offer on your becoming: becoming leaders; young ambassadors; active citizens and within our community - with opportunities to build your CV and personal statement with experiences that set you apart from the crowd.

The transition from Year 11 to young adulthood is a significant one, so nurturing and supporting your holistic wellness and wellbeing is an explicit dimension of life at Woodrush Sixth and you will have access to our strong team of specialists from day one.

Woodrush Sixth works around you, and we can offer you a uniquely personalised post-16 experience that enables you to fulfil your academic ambitions, raise your personal aspirations and assist you in forging your own future beyond Woodrush Sixth.

 Mr Barber   Headteacher 



Mr Barber
Mr Roche
Assistant Headteacher