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Woodrush High School

Woodrush High School

An Academy for Students Aged 11-18

Excellence Through Endeavour

Where to go for Support

Leaders have created a truly inclusive ethos in the school in which everyone is supported and cared for. 

(Ofsted, December 2018)

Heads of Year

Mrs Desmond Mr McDowell
Year 7 Year 8


Mr Roberts
Year 9


Miss Robbins Mr Taylor
Year 10 Year 11

Progress Leaders

Mrs Francis
(Deputy DSL)
Mrs Bishiop
Year 7 Year 8 & 9


Mr Branton Mrs Cassidy
Year 9 & 10 Year 11

Sixth Form

Ms Kaur
(Head of Sixth Form)
Mr Cooper
(Development Leader)


Mrs Wilkins
(Progress Leader)
Mrs Ashman
Key(Progress Leader)

Key Support Staff

Mrs Stafford
Mrs Peters
(Mental Health Lead
& Deputy DSL)


Mrs Davies
(Attendance Officer)
Mrs Locke
(Student Services)